University Policies for Students Regarding Alcohol and Drugs

The Student Code of Conduct states that the following conduct is not acceptable on campus:  Violation of Board or university rules governing alcohol, including consumption, distribution, unauthorized sale or possession of alcoholic beverages (5-308F.15).

According to the Office of Housing & Residence Life Standards of Residence, on-campus possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages by those of legal age (the State of Arizona has established the legal age for consumption of alcohol to be 21) is allowed only in the private living quarters of certain residence halls and other campus living units as well as certain other designated areas.  Consumption of alcoholic beverages in public areas other than those designated is prohibited.  Some residence halls are designated as substance-free, prohibiting even those of legal age from consuming alcohol in their living quarters.  Please refer to the Standards of Residence for a list of the residence halls which are substance-free.

With regard to drugs, the Student Code of Conduct states that the following conduct is not acceptable on campus:  Unauthorized use, sale, possession or distribution of any controlled substance or illegal drug or possession of drug paraphernalia that would violate the law.  5-308F.16  The Standards of Residence state that “the possession, use, sale, manufacture/cultivation or provision of any types of illegal drugs (Barbiturates, opiates, marijuana, amphetamines, hallucinogens, etc.) or aiding in the use of such are not permitted in residence halls and are violations of the statutes of the State of Arizona.  (1.03.1).