Student Organizations

Student organizations at Northern Arizona University are designed to serve students and contribute to the academic, political, cultural, religious/spiritual, social, or recreational life of the campus. Student organizations are a valuable part of the student experience and provide opportunities for students to take on leadership roles and build skills related to organizational development and administration, event planning, fundraising, budgeting, marketing, and public relations. Student organizations also provide learning experiences specific to students’ areas of academic or extracurricular interest.

While the University supports student organizations, registration of a student organization with the Office of Student Life does not constitute University endorsement or approval of the policies and/or activities of the organization. No student organization should represent or imply that it speaks for or in the name of Northern Arizona University.

The Office of Student Life uses an online system called True Blue Connects to register student organizations. Please log in to True Blue Connects to see a complete list of all organizations that are currently registered and active on campus.

Types of student organizations

NAU student organizations are classified into the following categories and groups may designate multiple categories. Student organizations self-select the category they wish to be in with some exceptions. Groups wishing to be recognized in the Fraternity and Sorority categories must be recognized by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life. Groups wishing to identify as a Club Sport must be recognized by the NAU Sport Clubs Program.

Academic student organizations comprise the largest number of clubs and organization on campus. These include any organization that is affiliated with an academic program or college.

Advocacy student organizations are those that advocate for a particular cause or population of students.

Club Sport student organizations are sports teams or groups engaged in active practice and competition against other schools or individuals. The Office of Student Life collaborates with Campus Recreation Services to support these organizations.

Cultural student organizations represent and promote the traditions and activities associated with a particular culture.

Fraternity and Sorority groups are associated with national social Greek-letter fraternities and sororities that select membership through a bid process.

Recreation/Game student organizations focus on recreational activities and games in a non-competitive atmosphere.

Religious student organizations may also register with the Office of Student Life. Although the university, as a state institution, is prohibited from promoting religious activities, it recognizes the importance of religion and spirituality in the life and education of its students.

Representative student organizations are those elected bodies that represent the general student population.

Residence Hall Councils are groups that represent the concerns and interests of a particular residence hall

Service/Honorary student organizations are academically-focused groups that limit membership based on certain requirements or community service-oriented groups.

Special Interest groups are not connected to an academic program or college. They serve the needs of students with specific special interests.

Student organization policy

This policy was established by the University Cabinet in response to Board of Regents regulations. The registration of a faculty or student organization by the university does not constitute university endorsement or approval of the policies and activities of the organization. No student organization shall represent nor imply that it speaks for or in the name of the university.


A. Northern Arizona University values the diversity of the human experience. Student organizations should intentionally strive to enrich themselves and ensure access by inviting membership from a diverse range of students on campus. 

B. Membership in a student organization is generally limited to members of the university community. Non-members of the university community who are also members of scientific, academic, scholarly, and/or honorary organizations that have registered units or chapters on the NAU campus may become affiliated with that organization.

C. In order to hold an officer position in a registered student organization, a student must meet the following academic requirements: 

     l) The student must be registered for a minimum of seven (7) units at Northern Arizona University. Exceptions may be made for graduate students. 

     2) The student must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.25 for all NAU course work undertaken.        

D. Individual student organizations may impose higher standards regarding minimum grade point average and other membership requirements.

E. Each organization must have a membership of at least five (5) currently enrolled students with at least two (2) officers. The organization must verify this via an updated roster in the True Blue Connects system.

F. Each registered group on campus must have an adviser who is a full-time NAU faculty or staff member. In addition, student organizations may choose to have other advisers such as graduate students, community members, or members of clergy. The group determines the choice of adviser and may change advisers at any time

E. Northern Arizona University prohibits discrimination in organizational membership on the basis of sex, race, color, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, gender identity, or genetic information. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 106.14, makes an exception for social fraternities and sororities with regard to gender requirements for membership.

Procedures for Registering New Organizations

A. Individuals seeking to form a new or reactivate an old student organization shall:

1. Log in to True Blue Connects and complete the “New Group Registration” or “Group Re-Registration” request form.

2. Upload to True Blue Connects a constitution containing:

a) Statement of Purpose
b) Statement of Nondiscrimination
c)  Organizational Structure
d) Provision for Regular Meetings
e) List of Activities

3. Provide in True Blue Connects a list of officers.

4. Provide in True Blue Connects the name, email address, and phone number of full-time faculty or staff adviser.

5. Provide in True Blue Connects a roster containing the names of student members.

6. Professional fraternities, societies, or clubs, associated with a particular academic discipline shall, in addition, submit evidence of approval and sponsorship by the dean of the college with which the organization is associated.

7. Organizations wishing to use Greek letters in their name must be affiliated with a nationally or internationally recognized organization and must have a national office supported by full-time staff members or a national board. This applies to all types of organizations including social, professional, academic, honorary, or other groups. 

B. National fraternal organizations need not present constitutions which contain secret clauses provided:

1. Assurance is obtained from the Office of Student Life that the constitution is in order.

2. The National is formed from a previous local fraternal organization and no changes have been made.

It is assumed that each residence hall, fraternity, and sorority has adopted or will adopt its own hall and chapter rules and procedures for the enforcement thereof.

C. It is the policy of the university to register any student organization formed in good faith for a lawful purpose consonant with the objectives of the university. A group of students may organize and secure official registration provided that the proposed organization: represents an academic, political, cultural, social or recreational contribution to the life of the campus; is not for profit in nature (student organizations are not required to obtain legal nonprofit status); does not discriminate in the selection of members on the basis of sex, race, color, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, gender identity, genetic information, or other legally or policy protected status; agrees to abide by the University Hazing Policy and other university regulations; and has followed the established administrative procedures required for registration. The Dean of Students (or designee) exercises the authority to withdraw registration immediately from any student organization.

D. New student organizations must be approved by Associated Students of NAU or Graduate Student Government (for graduate student organizations). Following the ASNAU or GSG approval for student organization status and approval by the Office of Student Life, the newly registered organization is activated in the True Blue Connects system.

Statement on Registration of New Social Fraternities and Sororities

Social fraternities and sororities wishing to establish or re-establish a chapter at Northern Arizona University must comply with the expansion policies and processes set forth by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life in accordance with the College Panhellenic Council, the Inter Fraternity Council, and/or the United Greek Council. Expansion involves inviting inter/national fraternities and sororities to establish chapters at Northern Arizona University. This is encouraged when a need exists and the Greek community is viable for additional chapters. Social fraternities and sororities must be approved to move forward with the expansion process by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life before they can register with the Office of Student Life and be approved by the Associated Students of NAU as a registered student organization.

Only inter/nationally recognized fraternities and sororities may be considered for expansion. The organization of interest must have a national office supported by fulltime staff members (or a national board). 

The organization of interest must prohibit simultaneous membership in any other organization that is a member of the NPC, NPHC, NALFO, NMGC, NAPA or NIC. 

Statement on Registration of New Club Sports

Student organizations that meet the following criteria must be classified as a Club Sport:
  • Consist of a sport component
  • Competitive in nature
  • Physically active
  • Ability to compete against similar groups at other institutions within a reasonable geographic area
  • Participate in more than one competition per year
  • Abide by rules set forth by a national governing body for that particular activity
If a student organization meets the above criteria and chooses not to be classified as a Club Sport, they will not be recognized as a registered student organization at Northern Arizona University. No organization shall be duplicated as a student organization if a sport club is already offered for that activity.

Groups wishing to identify as a Club Sport must be recognized by the NAU Sport Clubs Program. In order to establish a new Club Sport groups must
  • Confirm there are no existing sport clubs/student organizations that offer the same activity
  • Complete the New Sport Club Application
  • Meet with the Sport Clubs Coordinator to discuss program expansion
  • Present to the Sport Clubs Executive Board
After these steps are completed the group may register as a new student organization with the Office of Student Life and seek approval from ASNAU.

Procedures for Maintaining Status as a Student Organization

 A. At the end of each spring semester, prior to a deadline specified by the Office of Student Life, the president or authorized representative of each returning student organization must log in to True Blue Connects and complete the “Group Re-Registration” request form. (Groups continuing their student organization status must meet this deadline for filing. Prospective new groups may file at any time.)

B. Organizations that fail to re-register after two consecutive years will be required to seek re-approval from ASNAU or GSG.

C. All organizations must also submit all proposed changes, amendments, and additions to constitutions and by-laws to the Office of Student Life through the True Blue Connects system.

Privileges of Registered Student Organizations

A. Using the University’s name, as long as the word “club” or “student organization” also appears in the organization’s name (i.e. NAU Volleyball Club, NAU Forestry Club) or the University’s name is used to designate location (i.e. Art Student Association of NAU, Hillel at NAU).

B. Applying for organizational funding from Associated Students of NAU (ASNAU), STudent Activities Council (STAC), and Sodexo.

C. Utilizing University facilities, including weekly meeting space.

D. Hosting/sponsoring events and activities on campus.

E. Sponsoring candidates in campus events, forums, and elections.

F. Requesting Institutional Excuses for extracurricular activities directly related to the educational mission and scope of the University.

G. Recruiting new members from among the NAU student body.

H. Participating as an organization in Associated Students of NAU sponsored events.

Social events policy

As an institution of higher education, the university has a responsibility to encourage self-directed group activity. In the recognition of this goal, the university makes available the use of its facilities. The grant of use, however, cannot be without conditions. All use of the facilities of students and student organizations must be orderly and lawful at all times. They must not constitute an undue interference with the instructional program, and they must be consistent with the educational purposes of the university. Failure to meet these conditions may be basis for denying the use of the university facilities. Application of the conditions, however, is to be tempered by an awareness that the ends served by vigorous student activity are vital and a realization that student organizations cannot flourish in a distrustful atmosphere.


Students, student organizations, and faculty or staff members of the university may not contractually bind the university without written authorization of the Arizona Board of Regents or the President of the university. Activities contracts must be reviewed by Student Unions and Activities.

Legal responsibilities

Student organizations wishing to sponsor events on the NAU campus must have them approved by Student Unions and Activities. The Office of Student Life recommends that any student organization planning an off-campus activity that involves travel, physical activity, personal/group risks, alcohol, etc. make contact with a staff member in their office for advising.


University Clubs and Organizations

Student Unions and Activities coordinates the amount and type of solicitation for students and registered student clubs and organizations. Any student and/or student organization planning to conduct an event, a fundraiser and/or the distribution of materials on campus must obtain permission from Student Unions and Activities. Contact Student Unions and Activities in the University Union for the appropriate forms. Failure to have an event approved by Student Unions and Activities may result in the event being canceled. Revenue generated by a student organization may not be used for personal gain, for the purchase of alcohol, drugs or to fund any illegal activity as defined by Arizona Statutes.

Commercial Vendors

Any vendor wishing to conduct the sale or distribution of commercial items anywhere on university property must obtain permission from Student Unions and Activities as well as permission from each location where the vendor may wish to conduct a sale. The vendor will be required to complete a solicitation permit at least 30 days in advance of the requested sales date(s). Vendors are prohibited from conducting business on campus without a fully executed solicitation permit. All vendors shall comply with the laws, rules and regulations of the United States, the State of Arizona, the City of Flagstaff, and Northern Arizona University. Any individual(s) distributing literature is/are also responsible for any fees related to the cleaning of litter related to distribution efforts. University policy prohibits door-to-door distribution of literature and/or sales of items of any kind in any building on campus as well as placing advertisements or flyers on cars in university parking lots. In addition, solicitation in residence halls must be approved by the Housing and Residence Life Central Office in North Hall, or please call 928-523-3978.

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