Fraternity and Sorority Organizational Sanctions


1. Letter of Warning: A letter of warning provides a warning to a group that the conduct is in violation of published rules. Warnings often take the form of a letter summarizing the infraction and corrective measure and warns the group about possible future consequences should that behavior continue. The fact that the group is admonished should be clearly stated in the body of the letter which they receive. A copy of the letter is sent to the Dean of Students where it is placed in a confidential disciplinary file. 

2. Restitution:
 Restitution is reimbursement for damages to, destruction of, or misappropriation of University property or of any person/group while on University premises or University related premises. If restitution is the determined sanction, the individual or individuals who impose the corrective measure must specify, in writing, the amount due, the time and/or manner by which restitution is to be made, and the individual, office or group to be reimbursed. 

3. Educational Assignment:
 Educational assignments are tasks which are creatively applied with the education of the violator in mind. It is essential that the assignments imposed have some meaningful relationship to the violation. Assignment of research to be done in a certain area is one of many creative possibilities. A duty, work assignment, or alcohol education class are other examples. Again, the aim of such a task is the education by the group regarding their behavior and the consequences of such. Whoever imposes the sanction is responsible for seeing that it is carried out. Failure to perform an educational assignment may result in an additional sanction. 

4. Social Probation I: Social probation I prohibits a chapter from hosting or attending any social event as a chapter. This includes but is not limited to mixers with other fraternities/sororities, bid parties, formals, and any social gathering (including alcohol free events). The chapter may participate in and host rush/recruitment events (except bid parties), philanthropy and community service events, and brotherhood/sisterhood events with prior approval from the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

5. Social Probation II: Social probation II prohibits a chapter from hosting or attending any social event that includes alcohol including at a third-party vendor. The chapter may participate in socials, mixers with other fraternities/sororities, bid parties, formals, and any social gathering as long as alcohol is not present. Any member who attends any social event with alcohol in their system would be considered in violation of this sanction. If the sanctioned chapter is sponsoring the event and anyone attending the event has alcohol in their system, this would be a violation of the sanction.

6. Loss of Privileges: Loss of privileges restricts organizational members from designated privileges with a particular residence hall. The loss of privileges will be for a specific time, as defined by the person imposing the sanction. The group will be notified in writing of these privileges which will be forfeited and for what period of time. 

7. Building Probation: Building probation indicates to a fraternity or sorority that their ability to continue residence as a group in Mountain View is now in jeopardy. This sanction may be imposed due to serious on-going misconduct by the chapter, failure to completely fill assigned spaces with members holding contracts, inappropriate group behavior outside the residence hall or off-campus, or a combination of any of the above. Building probation will exist for a specified length of time and will be communicated in writing to the chapter president. A letter will outline the reasons for this action, the expected response from the chapter, and the time line for said response. Building probation may be initiated by the Director for Fraternity and Sorority Life, Director, or Executive Director of Housing and Residence Life. 

8. Denial of Access: Denial of access to and/or use of all or part of a facility or facilities again must be implemented for a specified period of time, as defined by the individual(s) who impose the sanction. The group must be notified in writing of those areas to which they will be denied use and for what period of time. 

9. Suspension of Intramural Privileges: This sanction will prohibit a fraternity or sorority from participation in University intramural sports activities or receiving points for the same for a specified period of time. Suspension of intramural privileges may be instituted by the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Assistant Director, or Director of Campus Recreation Services.

10. Building Suspension: Building suspension is the formal notification to a fraternity or sorority that their privilege to hold space in Mountain View hall is being revoked. This sanction is in direct response to the chapter's failure to completely fill their assigned spaces with members holding housing contracts, or misconduct occurring on or off-campus. Suspension will be for a specified period of time after which a chapter could petition for reconsideration on a space available basis. Building suspension may be instituted by the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life, Director, or Executive Director of Residence Life.

11. Group/Chapter University Probation: This sanction is the formal warning to the local fraternity/sorority and their national office that their affiliation with the University is in jeopardy. It outlines the specific behavioral concerns with the chapter, references any incidents occurring on or off-campus which prompted this action, sets forth the duration for the probationary status, specifies any limitations on the chapter and outlines the required conditions which must be met to retain their charter/affiliation with Northern Arizona University. 

12. Group/Chapter Suspension: Group/Chapter suspension completely severs the relationship with the University. As a suspended group you may not utilize University facilities, you may not participate in activities as a group (i.e., Homecoming, Intramurals, etc.), you may not participate in recruitment, and are removed from university publications, etc. A suspended group will be notified in writing of the duration of their suspension and any steps required for future reconsideration as a campus organization. The national office will be immediately contacted by the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life and copied on correspondence to the Chapter. In some cases, the University will encourage the immediate revocation of the Charter of the local chapter.


1. The individual councils' judicial boards will be involved in cases referred by the Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life which do not pose a concern for individual confidentiality or the possibility of higher-level sanctions (University probation/suspension).

2. Administrative sanctions may be taken in addition to or in place of individual council judicial board actions. 

3. All "individual" (as opposed to "group") issues will be handled by the Student Disciplinary Procedures and the Student Code of Conduct. 

4. Issues potentially resulting in a decision of "Group/Chapter Probation" or "Group/Chapter Suspension" will be heard jointly by the Office of Student Life and Fraternity and Sorority Life. A joint decision and letter will then be rendered to the Chapter President. At the meeting the student/organization shall be provided with the following:

  • An explanation of the charges which have been made;
  • A summary of the fact-finding investigation which has taken place;
  •  A reasonable opportunity for the student/organization to reflect upon and respond on their behalf to the charges; and
  •  An explanation of the applicable disciplinary procedures, including the student's/organization's right to request a hearing before a University Hearing Board if a serious disciplinary sanction (suspension/revocation) is imposed.

5.   Should further fact-finding be required, the results of any further investigation will be presented to the student/organization and an additional opportunity to respond will be provided. 

6.   Copies of judicial letters will automatically be forwarded to Chapter Advisors and National Advisors and National Offices of the fraternity or sorority sanctioned.