About Us


SUN Entertainment is Northern Arizona University's entertainment promotion and production company. Since 1982, SUN Entertainment has been committed to providing social, recreational, and cultural activities to the Northern Arizona University community. 

In addition to presenting major concerts and comedians, SUN Entertainment provides various student programs including Prochnow Movies, Noon Time Activities, Special Events, and the popular Friday night AfterHours program.

SUN Entertainment's production capabilities range from small activities to major concert events. The student employees of SUN Entertainment are responsible for all phases of operations including booking, advertising, promoting, staffing, and managing all events.

Our Event Programmers

The event programmers are responsible for booking, coordinating, and organizing each of the SUN Entertainment events. 

Our Graphic Designers

The design team is responsible for creating, designing, and distributing all of the SUN Entertainment advertisements. This creative group combines design techniques learned in class with their own ideas and creativity to bring attractive, fun, and interesting advertisements to life. 

Our Crew Coordinators

Our Administrative Assistants

Our Supervisors