Mission Statement

Academic advising is an active process; a partnership involving the student, the academic adviser, and NAU which assists students in developing academic plans to further their career and life goals. Academic advising in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences addresses three objectives.

Developmental advising allows students to derive the greatest possible benefit from their university experience. Developmental advising helps students learn to solve problems and confront issues standing between themselves and academic success.

Career advising provides information, advice, and resources about career options and opportunities. Students are encouraged to select both career and life goals to enrich their university experience.

Curricular, technical, and programmatic advising help students choose courses, plan programs of study, complete degree requirements, and select career or graduate study paths.

Contact us

Academic Advising Main Office
E-mail: sbs.advisor@nau.edu
Office: SBS West room 114
Phone: 928-523-6540
Fax: 928-523-7185

Academic Advising North Office
School of Communication room 370
Office: 928-523-8055
Fax: 928-523-8056