Graduation Questions

Below are a few of the common questions students ask us about graduation and the application process. Please be sure to visit our Graduation page for more information about the application, deadlines, commencement, etc. 

When do I file for graduation?

You must file for graduation the semester BEFORE you intend to graduate. For example, a Spring 2013 graduate will file for graduation in Fall 2012. 


How do I file for graduation?
You will file for graduation in your LOUIE portal. Under the drop-down "Other Academic", you should see an option to Apply for Graduation. 
I graduated last semester. Why hasn't my degree posted?

Degree are posted off of a clean Academic Advisement Report (AAR). Be sure to check your AAR to make sure that it is collapsed and that all requirements indicate "Satisfied". If something does not say satisfied, it is most likely the reason your degree has not posted. You will need to either complete this requirement or if you believe you have already completed the requirement, please send us an email. We will review your AAR to determine what the next step will be. 

If you applied for graduation prior to Fall 2013 or are a Post-Bacc student, we will need to do an addendum to your paper application. Please send us an email and we will review your account to see what the next step will be. 

What is an addendum?

Addendums are only required for student who applied for graduation prior to Fall 2013, International Studies, and Post-Bacc students. 

An addendum is a form used to make official changes to your graduation application. If you take a different course other then what was listed on your graduation application, an addendum must be completed. To request an addendum be completed, please email our office. Please see previous question for the appropriate information to include in your request.