General Questions

General questions can apply to all NAU students, not just SBS majors. You will find questions pertaining to minors, transcripts, internships, study abroad, etc

What courses count for Liberal Studies requirements?
The University has determined certain courses to meet the learning outcomes for the Liberal Studies program. You cannot use courses with your major’s prefix to fulfill Liberal Studies requirements. For example, Political Science majors cannot use POS courses to meet liberal studies requirements. Here is a link to see the approved liberal studies courses.  
What are General Electives?
General Electives are any (non-remedial) course that NAU offers. Students might need general electives in order to get to 120 units needed for graduation. 
What are Upper Division courses?
Upper Division courses are 300-400 level courses. In order to graduate from NAU, all students must complete at least 30 units of 300-400 level coursework. These upper division courses can be from all components of your degree: Liberal Studies, Major, Minor, and General Electives. 
What are prerequisites?
A prerequisite is a requirement that must be met prior to enrolling in a class. For example, CCJ 101 is a prerequisite for CCJ 210. You must complete CCJ 101 before enrolling into CCJ 210. All prerequisites for courses are listed in the course descriptions located in the academic catalog
I didn't get the grade I thought I would in a course. What do I do?
First, contact the instructor for the course to discuss the grade. Then you need to contact us at the SBS Academic Services and Advising Office to set up an appointment: (928) 523-6540
What is a Faculty Mentor?

A Faculty Mentor is a professor from your discipline who works with you as you move towards your future career. You will discuss possible graduate schools, internships, research opportunities, and possible jobs in your field.  

How am I assigned a faculty mentor?

When you find a professor you like to be assigned as your faculty mentor, you will email us the following:

  • Your Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Major
  • Minor
  • Name of faculty member you’d like to be your faculty mentor
What is a minor?

A minor is a set of courses that are sufficient to establish proficiency in a discipline without having to take all of the courses that a major would take.

Do I need a minor?
Most of the SBS majors require students to have a minor.  Be sure to check with your academic advisor to see if a minor is required for your major. If your program does not require a minor, you may still complete a minor if you choose to do so.  
How do I sign up for an internship?
Please see our Internship page for deadlines, contacts, and procedures. 
What is Undergraduate Research?
Each department has a specific policy regarding undergraduate research. Generally, you will work with a faculty member on ongoing research.  
What is an Independent Study?

An independent study is usually a course where you work on research questions in coordination with a faculty member. Course possibilities vary from department to department. 


I want to Study Abroad...

Here are the steps you should take:

  1. Meet with an advisor to see if studying abroad will keep you on track for graduation or put you behind. They will also make suggestions for the types of classes to look for when picking the classes you plan on taking abroad.
  2. Go to the Center for International Education and speak with a study abroad advisor about where you want to go. They will help you pick a university and then show you how to pick courses.
  3. After you have picked a group of courses you want to take abroad, you will want to email the following to your advisor:
    • Your Name
    • Student ID Number
    • Major and Minor
    • Where you will be studying
    • Name of your Study Abroad Advisor
    • Course to be taken at the study abroad institution, including the course description in English
    • Requested NAU course including prefix and course number

Your academic advisor will then send you and your study abroad advisor an email with what they approve the courses as. 

How do I request official transcripts?

Current students can log into LOUIE and select Official Transcript Request from the Other Academic drop-down list in the Student Center.

Non-current students must go through the Clearinghouse Welcome Center