Advising Questions

Advising questions generally deal with our office specifically. How can students set up appointments, where are we located, degree requirements, holds, etc are the types of questions to find here.

Can I just walk in for advising?

Only during the first week of classes and during reading week. All other times require an appointment. We recommend you schedule appointments in advance- we typically are booked a week or two ahead. 


How do I schedule an appointment?

Students can schedule appointments by calling 928-523-6540 or by stopping by one of our two offices: SBS West Rm. 114 or School of Communication Rm. 370. 


Where are you located?

We have two office locations: SBS West (BLD 70) Rm. 114 or School of Communication (BLD 16) Rm. 370. If you are not sure where these buildings are, please take a look at the campus maps


What if a required course for my major/minor is not offered?
Contact an advisor in our office or your faculty mentor to discuss a substitute course. 
How long will it take me to finish my degree?

Degree completion dates are different for every student. I would suggest setting up an appointment with an advisor to discuss when you hope to be completed with your degree. The advisor will work with you to put together a degree plan with that date in mind. 


What is an exception/waiver form?

An exception form is used in any case where a course which does not meet a major or minor requirement is substituted for a course that does meet requirements. An advisor as well as the department chair must sign an exception form. These can be found on our forms page. 


What are the requirements for my degree?

You can find all the requirements for your degree in the NAU Catalog. You must know what catalog you are in to know correct requirements. 


How can I find my program in the catalog?
Go to the NAU Catalog. Choose your catalog year. Click on Academic Plans. Choose your department. Choose your degree or minor to view its requirements.  
Which is my catalog year?

Your catalog year is the year in which your entered NAU unless you have elected to move it forward or backward. You may move forward as long as all requirements move to the new catalog (major, minor, liberal studies, diversity requirements). You may only move backwards if you have continuously attended a university or community college in Arizona. 


Why do I have a hold?

There are two common holds: Advising and Financial. If it is an Advising hold, please see the next question. If it is a Financial hold, contact the Student and Departmental Account Services Office at or by calling 866-234-6153. Students can view their holds on their student center page in LOUIE under Holds. 


Why do I have an advising hold?

There are a couple of reasons a student may have an advising hold. It could be placed for one of the following reasons:

  • You have completed less then 35 units
  • You are on academic probation
  • You are a new incoming student
  • Your academic unit finds it important for you to meet with them

If you have an academic hold, please contact your academic advisor immediately to schedule an appointment. 


How do I get my advising hold removed?

Students who have advising holds MUST meet with an advisor before this hold is removed. Generally advising holds will prevent students from enrolling into courses for the next term. 


I met with an advisor this semester and still have a hold. Why is this?

You may have a hold other than an advising hold. The two main types of holds student will have are Advising Holds and Financial Holds. 

If it is a financial hold, please contact the Bursar’s office at 928-523-3122.

 If it is still an advising hold, please contact our office at 928-523-6540 and let them know that you hold is still on your account and who the advisor was that you met with and when. 

What is an Incomplete and how do I request one?

If you are unable to complete course work within the term in which you are enrolled, you may petition your instructor to receive a grade of "I" or an Incomplete. 

If your instructor agrees to give you an "I", you must complete a written agreement with the instructor indicating the exact work you need to do to finish the course.A copy of this agreement will be held in your departmental file.

This written agreement must also indicate the date by which the coursework must be completed, which cannot exceed more than one calendar year from the end of the term in which you were enrolled in the course.  For undergraduates,  any grade of "I" will automatically be converted to a grade of "F" after one calendar year.  For graduate students, any grade of "I" becomes a permanent incomplete after one calendar year.

What do I do if I failed a course?

If you received a failing grade ("F") in a course, be sure to set up an appointment with our office to discuss what you next options are. Students, who earn a D or F in a course, can repeat the course and do grade replacement. If a course requires a C or better, you must repeat the course in order for it to meet a requirement. 


When can I repeat a course?

If you earned a "D" or a "F" in a course, may do a course repeat for a grade replacement. If the course is a topics course, you must repeat the course with the same topic in order to have the grade replaced. If a course require a "C" or better, you must repeat the course in order for it to meet the requirement. You are limited to attempting a course 3 times.If you do not receive a satisfactory grade, an appeal will need to be submitted in order to take it for a 4th time. 


What is grade replacement?
If you repeat a course in which you earned a "D" or "F", the original grade will be replace with the new grade. The new grade will be used to calculate your GPA. The original course and grade will remain on your transcripts but will no longer be used to calculate your GPA.