Weekly Time-Management Schedule

A weekly plan can help get you into a routine of greater productivity and balance.  Weekly schedules should be made before you engage in the tasks or activities. This is your plan or guide for the week.

Things to include in your weekly schedule:

  1. All fixed activities (Class, Work, Meals, Sleep, Special Appointments, etc)
  2. Fixed study time blocks for each class
  3. Add several flexible study blocks
  4. Time for personal goals and other responsibilities
  5. Schedule leisure time, family, and social time
When planning, be task-oriented rather then time-oriented. Think about the needs to be accomplished and block the time as opposed to hours of study time. 
LIghtbulb iconTip from an Advisor: Build rewards into your schedule! Rewarding yourself from time to time can be lead to more productive time. A two hour study block followed by a 30 minute phone call with your best friend can be more productive then a four hour study block interspersed with phone calls.