Note Taking

An important part of understanding and retaining material is understanding how to take notes properly. Your notes must be useful and complete enough for you to succeed in your classes. You need to learn to adapt your note taking to your learning style; find what works for you. 

Why take notes?     

Note taking is important for many reasons. 
  1. Taking notes improves your concentration in class or on the reading at hand.
  2. Having notes to review and study from will help you prepare for taking your tests. 
  3. Help you remember the information longer
  4. Lectures generally contain information you will not find elsewhere

Note taking for Lecture

You need to do three things at once during lecture: Listen, Write, and Comprehend. AH! With a few tips, you can learn to take notes during lecture and understand them later. 

Note taking for a Textbook

Lectures are not the only place for important information. Learning how to take notes from a textbook will help cut down on time wasted not comprehending.