Study Skills

Good study skills are important for college students to get in the habit of. If you are struggling and just can't seem to remember what you studied when you get into an exam, maybe it is the way you are studying. Below are some general areas where students have issues. Take a look at our tips to improve you study skills.

Also be sure to check out the Student Learning Centers. They offer free workshops that go over improving your study skills. 

Time Management

There never seems to be enough time in a day to get everything done. Planning your time out will help cut down on wasted time and actually help recover time you thought you had lost. 

Test Taking Strategies

Some people are natural at taking tests while others are awful. Here are some tips to help boost your confidence and help you prepare for your next test. 


One of the things students do most in college is take notes. You take notes in lecture and notes from the textbook. Here are some tips to help you take more efficient notes and help you organize them for better understanding and to help you study for your next exam.