Depth Courses

Depth courses allow students to cover important content in the psychological sciences in more depth, or detail. Depth courses have specific 200-level requirements, as well as PSY 230 and PSY 302w, the subject matter in a depth course explores more detailed content, expects students to be able to utilize greater knowledge of statistics and research methods, and delves into more specialized topics within specific sub-disciplines.  

Courses offered


  • Child and Adolescent Development: PSY 340
  • Principles of Learning: PSY 320
  • Group Behavior: PSY 326
  • Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience: PSY 350
  • Sensation and perception: PSY 355
  • Social Psychology of Self and Identity: PSY 375
  • Clinical Psychology: PSY 406
  • Abnormal Psychology: PSY 415
  • Language and Cognition: PSY 461