Bridge Brief - A Research to Practice Resource

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Bridge Brief - A Research to Practice Resource


Introduction to Bridge Brief

Issue 1 - The Effects of a Narrative Intervention on Preschoolers' Language Skills 

Issue 2 - An Empirical Investigation of Sensory Integration Interventions for Children with ASD

Issue 3 - Case Study: An American Indian Student with a Learning Disability

Issue 4 - Improving Early Screening and Diagnosis of Autism in Underserved Populations


Issue 1 - The Use of Scripts to Improve Conversational Independence of Children with Autism

Issue 2 - Learning Styles: Concepts and Evidence

Issue 3 - Storybook Reading Interventions for Children with Complex Communication Needs


Issue 1 - The Selection and Appraisal of Curricula and Interventions
Issue 2 - Family Participation within the Medical Home
Issue 3 - Early and Accurate Identification of Kindergarteners with Language and Decoding Difficulties
Issue 4 - Exposure to Domestic Violence: Evidence and Implications for Professionals Working with Children


Issue 1 - Person-Centered Planning: An Empirically Supported Practice?
Issue 2 - Explicit Vocabulary Instruction Embedded in Narrative Intervention


Issue 1 - Evidence-Based Health Promotion Initiative: Review of Health Promotion Curricula
Issue 2 - Evidence Based Practice Self-Assessment
Issue 3 - Arizona Teachers' Speech: Phonological Features and Listener Perceptions


Issue 1 - Precision Medicine and Pharmacogenomics

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