Interdisciplinary Training Clinic

As a student of the Institute for Human Development, you can gain real experience in interdisciplinary team practices through our clinic. All our services are provided by students who are supervised by faculty members from their respective academic areas.

Participating disciplines may include:

  • speech pathology and audiology
  • nursing
  • physical therapy
  • special education
  • social work
  • psychology
  • nutrition
  • dental hygiene
  • educational psychology
  • engineering

For clients

Individuals of any age may be referred to the clinic for:

  • assessment
  • program design and implementation
  • technical assistance

For care givers

To refer someone under your care to the interdisciplinary training clinic, contact:

Katherine Mahosky
Institute for Human Development
PO Box 5630
Flagstaff, AZ 86001
Phone: 928-523-3614 

Your referral packed will be mailed to you. It will request the following information:

  • medical history
  • developmental history
  • educational/vocational history
  • social history
  • the reason for the referral
Please visit the IHD-AzUCD YouTube Channel for videos that provide an introduction to the program, an overview of the requirements, and examples of the kind of work students will be involved in while a trainee.