Meyerson Foundation: Play through Assistive Technology

There are barriers for children with disabilities when they try to interact with off-the-shelf or commercially-available toys. Children with disabilities are typically provided with assistive technology tools that address medical necessities or educational goals, but not play—an important developmental activity. There is a growing need for toys that match disabled children’s motor, cognitive, and communication abilities.

Meyerson Foundation toy kits

In response to this need, we’ve developed a library of play and recreation activity kits for children with disabilities—whether physical, cognitive, or communicative. The toy kits include:

  • typical everyday toys
  • adapted toys
  • switches
  • light tech communication displays
  • simple communication devices

You can check out an adaptable kit for your child—regardless of the level or type of disability—through the university’s Assistive Technology Center. We loan the kits for one month, at no cost.

Check out our catalog of kits to get started.

Minispeak book sequences

Minispeak is a simple and effective alternative communication technique for people with disabilities. You can download our minispeak book sequences for free.

Affiliated websites 

Websites for adapting toys, or buying them pre-adapted: