Past SBS Compassion Project Events


In our first year, the SBS Compassion Project took the lead on several initiatives that included faculty from nearly every college at NAU. Several programs and activities were completed during 2011-2012, including the development of Hot Topics Café, a faculty development opportunity on “Mindfulness and Teaching,” and the our creation of our Facebook presence (PEACE of Northern Arizona). 



The Living Compassion Conference featured dozens of presentations on compassion-related research. The invited presenters include faculty and students from NAU as well as faculty from other across the United States.  Over 20 disciplines were represented and students from over 20 different majors attended. 


The SBS Compassion Project co-sponsored a unique learning event in SBS, Catching Fire: The Hunger Games. The presenters included faculty and students from a variety of SBS departments.
The second annual Living Compassion Conference featured many presentations on compassion-related work in the Flagstaff area and talks on compassion from NAU faculty.  Local organizations included the Flagstaff Police Department, Flagstaff Medical Center, and several non-profit agencies including NARBHA, Flagstaff Literacy Project, and more.