Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication, Bachelor of Science

Prepare yourself for a career in communication—learn to craft effective advertising, nurture productive relationships with the business world, and bridge the gap between buyers and sellers in the world of merchandising. Research shows that communication professionals commonly move between advertising, merchandising and public relations throughout their careers. Our new major will give you a broad portfolio of classes to make you more flexible and competitive in today’s job market.

You will become exposed to many areas of strategic communication during a 24-hour core that includes advertising, merchandising, and public relations classes. You will then specialize in one of these areas, choosing classes of most interest to you and most benefit to your career. Throughout your major, you will develop skills highly sought after in the workplace, including:

  • Written communication
  • Oral communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Media (including on-line engagement)

Available Emphasis Areas:

  • Advertising
  • Merchandising
  • Public Relations

Career Opportunities:

  • In Advertising including: account management, client services, marketing and promotion
  • In Merchandising including: buying, trend forecasting, visual merchandising, and retail management
  • In Public Relations including:  media relations, non-profit and governmental agencies

Additional Information

For more information visit the academic catalog or contact a professor in your emphasis area

Already a Declared Major?

If you are currently an advertising, merchandising, or public relations major, you can stay in your current major or replace it with the new strategic communication major Here are your  two options:

  • Stay in your current degree program: no action required
  • Switch to the strategic communication degree: visit the School of Communication advising office and completing a change of major form

The decision is up to you—have a look at the required classes for the strategic communication major compared to your current major to see if a switch would be beneficial.

Official requirements and detailed information

College and department personnel use this email link to submit comments regarding your plans.