Degrees offered

  • Bachelor of Science in Photography 
  • Minor in Photography  

The Photography program provides students with a hands-on experience to prepare them for this diverse and quickly changing industry.  We are located within range of seven Major National Parks in Arizona Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada, including cultures of Native American Tribes, Mexican American, Western American cultures within urban and rural areas.

Our objective is to successfully educate and graduate professional image makers with the technical, theoretical, artistic and business skills necessary for their success. Upon completion of our program, graduates can expect to open their own photographic business or fill employment positions in the marketplace of today's professional imaging industry. Our comprehensive program includes studio lighting, multimedia, printing and experimental digital and film processes. To fulfill our goals, we use up-to-date technology, highly experienced and qualified staff, and a logical and realistic set of standards and processes, providing each of our students the tools they need to succeed.

The need for visual imagery has changed over the past two decades but the sheer volume of photography used today in new media and in the ever-increasing world of visual communication continues to make Northern Arizona University’s Commercial Photography Program a most attractive educational choice for the modern photography student. 

The program teaches Apple Mac Pro computers, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Apple Final Cut Pro, other evolving professional software applications, and Profoto lighting equipment within two fantastic studios.   Our program honors individual expression, creativity, and the autonomy of the maturing photographer.

Additional information

For more information, contact: 

Eric O'Connell
Phone: 928-523-6385