Stop The Fight

Our Stop The Fight Team chose to create for our senior capstone project for a specific purpose.  We know how difficult it is to be a college freshman in a completely new environment.  You may have never lived in such close quarters with a stranger or even a friend.  This forces you to constantly interact with your roommate(s).  Teaching strategies are also very different then those in high school which can be a frustrating adaption.  The newly found independence takes adjustments and in the process, disputes occur.  It is important to realize that disputes are inevitable.  The key is to deal with them to the best of your ability by using tactics discussed on this site.  Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) was developed to provide alternatives from the traditional legal methods in settling interpersonal disputes.  This website outlines three common ADR methods and relates them to real life scenarios freshman encounter daily.  In learning what transformative mediation, Restorative Justice, and Getting to Yes method consist of, you will be able to better handle your disputes in everyday life.