We offer consultations, facilitations, and strategic planning for:

  • assessment
  • intentional program design/ curriculum design
  • intentional course design
  • curriculum processes for acceptance and changes to the academic catalog

Faculty resources

We gladly assist you with assessment efforts, including:

  • analysis of program-level assessment data
  • classroom and web-course assessment techniques
  • designing course evaluation questions suitable for assessing learning
  • designing manageable degree-program assessment plans and annual reports
  • preparing for degree program accreditation and academic program review assessment requirements

We can also provide:

  • online assessment resources
  • practical books on assessment, such as Tom Angelo’s book, Classroom Assessment Techniques, and Linda Suskie’s book, Assessing Student Learning: A Common Sense Guide to Academic Units
  • specialized consulting visits with:
  • individual chairs or directors
  • departmental assessment or curriculum committees
  • entire departments or schools at faculty meetings