NAU-SUN Announcement to Students

Here comes the SUN!

Students who plan to transfer courses from one participating Arizona community college or university to another will soon have an easier way to spot courses that are directly equivalent to each other-the SUN system.

SUN officially launches in January 2012, but NAU students can use the system immediately.

The SUN (Shared Unique Numbering) System was designed to highlight courses that are virtually the same, no matter where they are taken. For example, the popular course, "Financial Accounting," is available at 22 colleges and universities in Arizona, but goes by a dozen different course numbers, depending on where it is taken. But with the SUN system, the "Financial Accounting" courses (for example), all "map" to one common SUN number: SUN ACC 2201-erasing all doubt as to their equivalency. If a student takes SUN ACC 2201 at, for instance, Pima Community College, and transfers to Northern Arizona University, the SUN course will be accepted, automatically, wherever NAU's ACC 255 is required.

Since every student has a unique academic plan and time line, NAU suggests consulting with an academic advisor before enrolling.

SUN courses are identified by a three-letter prefix, a four-digit course number, and the SUN icon SUN logo mini. SUN courses are so-labeled in the NAU course catalog and class search.

SUN courses are not the only transferable courses among Arizona’s colleges and universities—just the simplest to identify. There are currently nearly six dozen SUN courses, which can be found on the new SUN website. But, there are actually thousands of courses that are also transferable—find these at the searchable Arizona Course Equivalency Guide, located at