Arizona Course Equivalency Tracking System

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What is ACETS?
ACETS (Arizona Course Equivalency Tracking System) is a statewide database used by the Arizona public community colleges and post-secondary tribal institutions to send course information to the three Arizona universities for determination of transfer credit. The equivalencies are displayed in the Arizona Course Equivalency Guide (CEG)
What is the Role Definition of an ACETS Faculty Evaluator?

ACETS Evaluators - Faculty who evaluate course content from other institutions to determine how the course will transfer to the home institution.

Note:  Faculty ACETS Evaluators should also be members of the ATF.
What is the ACETS Process?
  1. When an Arizona public community college creates a new course or makes changes to an existing course, they submit a form through ACETS to the three Arizona universities.
  2. Once NAU receives the form, the NAU Program Coordinator for AZ Transfer Articulation checks it for accuracy. It is then routed to the appropriate evaluator by discipline.
  3. The faculty evaluator receives the form and evaluates the course content to provide one of the following transfer credit recommendations:
    • Direct Equivalency
    • Departmental Elective
    • Elective
    • Non Transferable
  4. The form then returns to the NAU Program Coordinator for finalization.
  5. Once finalized, the equivalency is encoded in Peoplesoft and uploaded to the AZ Course Equivalency Guide.

What is the Yearly Process for NAU?
Quick 10-Step ACETS Refresher
PowerPoint Training for New ACETS Evaluators


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