Using EnGGen facilities

How can I gain access to EnGGen

Users with an NAU Google account need to fill out this form (NAU credentials required): EnGGen access request

Users without NAU Google account either request one and use the above form or use this form instead: Alternative EnGGen access request

How can I purchase consumables from EnGGen?
Come to EnGGen to gather what you need from our consumables cabinet and freezer store.  Then log your purchases via this form (requires NAU credentials): EnGGen consumables purchasing form.
How can I schedule instrument usage?
EnGGen schedules equipment usage via the Quartzy website.  If you are already a member of the EnGGen group within Quartzy, then access the calendar here.  Otherwise, you will need to request access to the EnGGen group from within Quartzy.

General sample submission questions

How can I submit samples for processing?
Bring them to EnGGen.  Someone is around lab most of the time during business hours (M-F, 9-5).  If you have a hard time coordinating with EnGGen staff, send us an email to set up a time.  Staff email information can be found at our "About" page.  You can also try calling the lab directly at the phone number shown in the sidebar.
I'm not in Flagstaff. How should I ship samples, and what's your address?

We like to overnight samples when shipping.  Samples should be shipped in cooler boxes, and the samples should be in well-sealed 96-well plates (adhesive foil or Microseal B work well) and packed tightly with cooler packs or dry ice.  Ensure there is adequate loose paper or bubble wrap to prevent damage to your samples if using dry ice as this will allow space in your cooler as the dry ice sublimates.

Ship samples to:

NAU Biology
617 S. Beaver St.
Bldg 21, Rm 227
Flagstaff, AZ, 86011

Sample submission for capillary instrument applications

How do I submit samples for Sanger sequencing?
Properly prepared samples can be submitted directly to EnGGen staff during normal business hours.  All wells involved in capillary injection must contain either formamide or water (no less than 10 uL per well).  A user-supplied sample sheet that is properly set up for instrument and run mode is also required for Sanger sequencing.
How do I submit samples for fragment analysis (SSRs or AFLP)?
Fragment products for analysis must be supplied in HiDi formamide and denatured.  Make a premix of HiDi formamide and size standard (get GS500 LIZ aliquots from EnGGen) and distribute 10uL to each well of your submission plate.  Pipette 1 uL from an appropriate dilution of your amplified product (sometimes empirical testing is necessary) to the submission plate.  Seal plate, spin it down, and denature the products (4 min @ 95C, then ramp to 10C).  Your samples are now ready for submission to EnGGen.

Sample submission for MiSeq applications

How do I submit DNA samples for amplicon analysis?
DNA samples for amplicon sequencing need to be good quality.  Sometimes tissue-limited systems or tissue types do not yield adequate DNA to assess quality spectrophotometrically, so we recommend that all users test samples for PCR viability of the locus of interest prior to sample submission.