Imaging Facility

The Colorado Plateau Biodiversity Center’s (CPBC) Digital Imaging Facility was created to serve the imaging needs of the university community. The facility maintains a state-of-the art Visionary Digital imaging system for scientific applications, which is the BK Plus Lab System. To facilitate regional collaborations with other institutions, this imagining system is the same as the one used by The University of Arizona, Arizona State University, and the University of New Mexico. 

The imaging facility is an important resource for training students. Students who wish to learn to produce high-end digital images are encouraged to take Digital Imaging Techniques (BIO 698/498), an NAU course taught by CPBC staff.  Students who successfully complete the course may use the imaging facility without supervision.

Fee-based imaging services are also available through the imaging facility to support educational and research projects. To determine if the imaging facility’s services are appropriate for your project, a free initial consultation is available.