Louie Care

LouieCare is designed for use at Northern Arizona University Campus Health Services and does not replace a health insurance policy. It ensures easy access to on-campus health care by eliminating deductibles, filing claims, and other hassles with your insurance carrier.

For less than many private insurance plans' annual deductible, you can purchase LouieCare for $135 per semester. This plan covers many services offered through Medical Services with a small co-pay. This plan will also cover individual counseling appointments at CHS's Counseling Services. Although the plan is open all year round to enroll, it must be paid for in full in order for the plan to be in effect.

Costs breakdown

Overall plan prices can vary, depending on how you want to pay:

  • per fall, spring, or summer semester: $135
  • per academic year: $260 (August 16 - May 15)
  • per full year: $340 (August 16 - August 15)

Participants in LouieCare will pay a $10 co-pay for primary and specialty office visit fees. This $10 fee applies for any of the following services:

  • primary care or specialty visits
  • individual counseling visits
  • well-woman services including pap smears and screening tests
  • allergy injections
  • labs prescribed, performed, and managed by Medical Services providers
  • x-rays prescribed, performed, and managed by Medical Services providers
  • procedures like suturing, casting, IV fluids, and colposcopy

Participants in LouieCare will receive a 10% discount on all generic medicines.


  • most prescriptions including all types of birth control (see above for details on covered medications)
  • services performed outside of Campus Health Services
  • most immunizations (Flu shot, TB tests, and Tetanus shot are covered)
  • physical therapy
  • massage therapy
  • labs or x-rays ordered by an outside provider 

Cost comparison

While the office visit fee is less than what you would pay a private physician office visit fee, the LouieCare offers significant savings to you in the long term. Here is a cost comparison break down:



Fee for Service

Office visit



Tetanus/flu vaccine



IV fluids


$50 - $75




Allergy injections


$20 - $50

Well-woman exam/lab


$58 - $130



$50 - $100

STD/STI screening


$32 - $200

How to sign up

All students wishing to enroll may select coverage by choosing one of the following:

  • log on to LOUIE and click on "Purchase Student Health Plan/Insurance" on the self service page (only open on-line during the first 14 days after class)
  • if you prefer to enroll over the phone or to enroll after the 14 day deadline, call our business office at 928-523-6343