Available To: Faculty, Staff

NAU Departmental Pagers 

NAU departments and colleges may request a pager for their faculty, staff, and student workers to use for university business.

The NAU department or college must submit the request for the pager on a ServiceNow ticket The request should include the name that you would like associated with the pager on the billing, the type of pager, and the agency/orgn that the pager will be billed to.

Pager styles and costs:

Numeric $4.00 monthly Arizona only
Text $9.00 monthly Arizona only
Numeric $24.00 monthly Nationwide
Text $37.50 monthly Nationwide

Pager repair:

If your pager stops working, call Telephone Support at 523-7474. Your pager will be replaced free of charge.

Lost or damaged pager:

If you loose your pager, or damage the casing, your department will be billed a fee. The fee is determined by Verizon Messaging.

Pager options:

The numeric and text pagers can page you when a new voice message is left in your voice mailbox. If you would like this option programmed, submit an ITS ServiceNow ticket and provide your e-mail address and pager number, if it is existing. If you have questions regarding the pager service at NAU, please call Telephone Support at 523-7474.