Directory Services

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

Directory Services stores and displays directory information for people and departments at NAU. It is important to keep this information current since it is referenced, real-time, by the Directory search on NAU's web pages. Department information is maintained by Directory Maintainers in each area. Personal information comes from various sources, and must be updated at the source to correct it in the directory. 

How do I update my employee information?

Employee information displayed in the directory comes from various sources including the HR system. Information must be updated in the system in which it originates.  If you are unsure of where you need to go contact your area's Directory Maintainer or the Solution Center at 928/523-1511.

The most common employee information that needs to be changed is listed below:

  • Name–An employee's preferred name can be changed by sending email to (use subject line describing the item that needs to be changed). Only the first and middle name can be changed. Examples of acceptable changes are: removing the middle name so it is not displayed, using the middle name as your first name and replacing your first name with your nickname or a different spelling.
  • Work Phone–Employees requesting the addition of, or changes to, the NAU Empl Desk or Empl Contact Phone numbers, must contact Telecom at 928/523-7474 for assistance.
  • Box Number–Email request to with a subject line describing the item that needs to be changed.
  • Building Number–Email request to with a subject line describing the item that needs to be changed.
  • Email Address–Contact the Solution Center at 928/523-1511

How do I update my student information?

The most common student information that needs to be changed is listed below:

  • Name–To change your name, contact the Office of the Registrar at (928) 523-2100 or fill out the name change form online. 
  • Phone Numbers and Addresses–Sign into LOUIE and inspect the Personal Information section near the bottom of the page. You can edit information by clicking on it in the box labeled Contact Information, or selecting it from the Other Personal menu.  
  • Email Addresses–You can request an e-mail alias online, and you can set your preferred e-mail alias at the MyNAU Portal by logging in and searching for yourself in the Directory Services channel and selecting your Preferred Google Email Alias. 
  • How to Protect Your Personal Information–You can hide your personal information by logging into LOUIE, and selecting the Privacy Settings option from the Personal Information section near the bottom of the page. On the Privacy Settings page, you can click on Edit FERPA/Directory Restrictions. On this page, boxes that are checked will be restricted and will not show up in the directory. For more information about FERPA, visit the FERPA site

Where is the directory data stored?

The data for the departmental section of the online search is only stored in the NAU LDAP directory and does not come from any other system. The information for a person comes from multiple sources. In order to change any piece of data about a person you must change it in the source for that data and then it will be updated in LDAP. These sources include Human Resources, the Student System, email systems on campus, NAU card office and several smaller systems. The data from each source is combined into one entry for each person.

Training & Documentation

What a Directory Maintainer does and how to become one.

This is the required training for those people responsible for maintaining and updating the Information Directory for all departmental information.