Oracle SQL Developer Installation

Available To: Faculty, Staff, Students

ITS provides instructions and download links to various software to enable you to connect to Oracle databases.  The software is used to directly access ITS supported Oracle databases.  You may not require this software if you access Oracle databases via an application such as PeopleSoft or Blackboard Learn. 

Current Version

ITS recommends the new version of SQL Developer 32 or 64-bit and the instructions provided are written specifically for this version.


The SQL Developer Client Software is available for install from the online Oracle vendor on their download site.  Faculty and staff have access to this from the internet and will require an Oracle account to download the software. 

Cost / Pricing

There is no cost to NAU Employees to download and install the Oracle SQL Developer.

Support Information

For service requests please submit a ServiceNow ticket.

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Training & Documentation

This How-To page step by step instructions on where to download the newest version of the software and hoe to install the SQL Developer software on your desktop or laptop