Printers Support Policy

Revision Date:2008-04-28

Revision Number:1.0

Policy Information:

Hewlett Packard LaserJet Printers:

Hewlett Packard Printers come with a minimum one year warranty. Out-of-warranty printers will be evaluated and an estimate of repair costs issued. ITS currently provides printer cleaning and repair for most HP LaserJet printers.

Dell Laser Printers:

Dell Laser Printers come with a three year warranty. Out-of-warranty printers will be evaluated and an estimate of repair costs issued. ITS currently provides printer cleaning and repair for most Dell Laser printers.

InkJet/DeskJet Printers

ITS does not provide any service or repair on InkJet/DeskJet printers. Repair for these models need to be directed to the printer manufacturer according to the warranty provided when the printer was purchased. Be sure to obtain instructions on how to access service at the time of purchase.

HP printers and extended warranties are available through Campus Supply. When purchasing an HP inkjet printer, an extended three-year warranty can also be purchased for a nominal fee. ITS recommends that all NAU departments consider purchasing this warranty--if not cost prohibitive. Failure rate for inkjet/deskjet printers tends to be very high within a short time of initial warranty expiration. Any service quickly approaches the cost of the printer and is therefore not cost effective.

Multi-function print/copy/fax/scan machines

NAU currently has a contract with Hughes-Calihan for Konica-Minolta multi-function print/copy/fax/scan machines. Support is provided through Hughes-Calihan and is part of the service contract when a machine is leased or purchased. ITS support is limited to providing an IP address and host name for the machine for network access.

If you need support for a Konica-Minolta multi-function machine, locate the Hughes-Calihan sticker on the front of the machine. Write down the telephone number and property number for the machine and call the provided number. They will dispatch a service technician to your office.

To purchase one of these machines, contact John Guinan at 928-853-1435, or contact NAU Purchasing Services

Canon and Xerox multi-function machines previously supplied by IKON will continue to be supported by IKON until the end of their lease period. Contact IKON for support - the telephone number should be on the IKON sticker located on the front of the machine.

Other multi-function machines - ITS offers very limited support for other brands of multi-function machines. This support is limited to laser printer function (HP and Dell models only). Problems with fax and scan functions should be referred to the manufacturer.

All Other Brands of Printers:

If the printer is under warranty call the manufacturer for assistance. Out-of-warranty printers (other than HP and Dell) are not supported or repaired by ITS.

Office Printing Options: It is often cost effective to purchase one HP LaserJet printer that can be shared among several computers. This is of particular concern with color LaserJet models. Because of high aquisition and repair costs we recommend buying only one color LaserJet printer per department or investigating the capabilities of a networked color copier.

To discuss the printing enviroment that is right for your office, contact the Solution Center (523-1511) for information and recommendations.

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