Personal Equipment Support Policy

Revision Date:2008-04-28

Revision Number:1.0

Policy Information:

Please understand that we cannot provide hands-on assistance for any equipment that is not owned by NAU or the State of Arizona. This is considered a misuse of State (taxpayer) funds. We can answer a question or two over the phone, but more than that is not allowed. If you are using a device that is not owned by NAU connected to NAU-owned equipment and it is causing a problem, our solution will be for you to disconnect the non-NAU device. We will then attempt to fix the NAU equipment and will advise against reconnecting the device.

Requestor must furnish an NAU ID to receive any phone assistance from ITS.

Support for network connection to NAU is specifically limited to establishing a connection through NAU's virtual private network (VPN) after you have established network service with your Internet Service Provider.

NAU employees install supported software on personally owned systems at their own risk.

If for any reason the ITS staff physically touches a personally-owned system, a waiver of liability must be signed by the owner.

Policy Documents: