Faculty and Staff Computer Support Policy - Full

Revision Date:2013-07-10

Revision Number:1.1

Policy Information:


Information Technology Services (ITS) at Northern Arizona University supports the mission of NAU by providing desktop computing solutions for faculty and staff.

Demand for ITS services is high; our support policy was developed to focus our efforts on the most critical needs of NAU faculty and staff as our core mission. We cannot service equipment that is not owned by NAU, nor can we offer services to relatives or friends of NAU employees, or members of the community at large. These activities are inappropriate use of state funds and improper competition with local vendors. When you call for service, please be prepared to identify yourself with your NAU computer account user ID and your computer property control number. Remember that your NAU computer account is for your use only. Never give your account information to family or friends for their use. We will decline service to anyone calling with account information that is not their own.

Note: *There is no charge for our services; however, we do charge for non-warranty parts that must be purchased to complete a repair.

Support Process

We have a two-tier support model. First level support for faculty and staff is provided by phone through the ITS Solution Center at 523-1511. Students should call the Student Technology Center at 523-9294 for assistance. You may also submit a request for assistance through the ServiceNow work order system. If the Solution Center staff is unable to assist over the phone, a work order will be created and forwarded to the appropriate second level support team.

ITS maintains a list of supported systems and software developed with efficiency and campus needs in mind. Full support means we maintain staff trained in supporting the product and will install parts or upgrades for systems, answer all questions, or assist with getting answers or support directly from vendors if necessary. Partially supported means we will do our best to provide support if resources allow. If a system or software is not listed for full or partial support, it means we do not provide any support for that system or software. Unique requests in support of the NAU mission should be coordinated with ITS for consideration and possible assistance. Details regarding supported hardware and software can be found in this policy directory.

A Property Control Number is required for hardware service. NAU computers located off campus must be returned to campus for service appointments.

Software that is not necessary for NAU work will not be supported. Non-essential software causing problems on a machine will be removed and we will ask that it not be re-installed. If we are asked to re-visit a machine for the same problem, we will inform a supervisor and let them know that if there is another occurrence of the same problem we will no longer service the machine.

ITS staff cannot troubleshoot or configure the wide variety of cable, satellite, DSL, and other varieties of vendor-provided Internet access. Once a connection is established we will assist in setting up a connection to NAU’s Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Exclusive contract with Dell

NAU has a contract with Dell for the purchase of desktop computers, notebooks, and servers. It is a contract violation to purchase a Windows desktop or laptop system from any other vendor. Macintosh desktops and laptops and Unix-based equipment such as Sun systems, fill technical needs not met by Dell offerings and therefore may be purchased. If you feel you need an exception to the Dell contract, you may request an exception from the Purchasing Department. Exceptions will be considered if they involve technical needs that cannot be met by our contracted vendor(s). In cases where purchases are approved for other vendors, you must arrange support through the vendor at the time of purchase as we cannot support non-standard equipment.

ITS maintains spare warranty parts for standard Dell models. We have Dell-certified technicians to perform hardware troubleshooting and repair. ITS also provides warranty and non-warranty repairs for Apple computers and has an Apple certified technician on staff.

Important Note: only certified Dell technicians may open Dell systems under warranty. Anyone else opening the computer case will VOID the warranty. Please call us for service and do not attempt to fix your own machine.

For non-warranty repairs on supported equipment, we have standard parts in inventory or available by express order. Due to concerns regarding parts compatibility and quality we reserve the right to only install and support parts that are purchased from us.

ITS gladly provides consultation for new system and peripheral equipment purchases.


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