Faculty and Staff Computer Hardware Support Policy

Revision Date:2013-07-10

Revision Number:1.2

Policy Information:

ITS supports computer systems that have been purchased within the last five years from a campus approved vendor. Computers that are older than five years will be considered for support; however the level of support given on a system will depend on several factors, including but not limited to: the age of the computer, the nature of the problem, parts availability and current operating system and software minimum requirements.

Whenever computer equipment needs support a property control number will be required before a work order can be opened.

Warranty service on supported systems should be coordinated through the PC Support Team at ITS by submitting a ServiceNow ticket through the Solution Center (523-1511) or by submitting a work order through our ServiceNow ticketing system. Any service performed by non-certified personnel on a system that is still covered by a warranty voids that warranty.

Non-warranty service for all systems should also be coordinated through ITS by submitting a ServiceNow ticket through the Solution Center (523-1511) or by submitting a work order through the ServiceNow ticketing system. For non-warranty repairs on supported equipment, we have standard parts in inventory or available by express order. Due to concerns regarding parts compatibility and quality we reserve the right to only install and support parts that are purchased from us.  We maintain very competitive prices on spare parts that are known to be compatible.

Any special research equipment will be supported to the best of our abilities and as parts are available.

ITS currently supports the following business-class computer families:

  • Dell OptiPlex desktops
  • Dell Latitude laptops
  • Apple Mac Pro desktops
  • Apple iMac desktops
  • Apple Mac Mini  desktops
  • Apple MacBook Pro and Macbook Air laptops

NAU has a contract with Dell for the purchase of desktop computers, notebooks, and servers. It is a contract violation to purchase a Windows desktop or laptop system from any other vendor. Macintosh desktops and laptops and Unix-based equipment such as Sun systems, fill technical needs not met by Dell offerings and therefore may be purchased. If you feel you need an exception to the Dell contract, you may request an exception from the Purchasing Department. Exceptions will be considered if they involve technical needs that cannot be met by our contracted vendor(s). In cases where purchases are approved for other vendors, you must arrange support through the vendor at the time of purchase as we cannot support non-standard equipment.

If you need assistance choosing a computer, contact us at Ask-HDW@nau.edu. We are always happy to assist with machine configurations that will best suit your business needs.

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