Information Technology Services Vision Statement 

To achieve its goals, Northern Arizona University must continue to leverage and expand upon its base of mission critical information and telecommunications technologies. Administrators, staff, faculty and students need to use information technology as a fundamental tool for their work and academic pursuits. Northern Arizona University's Information Technology Services (ITS) organization provides the core unit to provide NAU-wide IT and telecommunications support.

In addition, Northern Arizona University's viability as an educational community will depend upon its flexibility and ability to embrace new technologies and implement advanced academic and administrative systems. Achieving this vision will require extensive collaboration and partnering among the different Northern Arizona University technology, academic, and administrative organizations in order to provide:

  • Support of the university's mission through adaptive and innovative use of information technology.
  • Empowerment of Northern Arizona University staff, faculty, and students through access to the information and tools needed for successful performance as workers, teachers, learners, managers, planners, and decision-makers.
  • Support the broadening of Northern Arizona University's educational courses, programs, and resources to students within and beyond Arizona through the use of a variety of distance learning technologies and delivery means.
  • Extension of cost-effective and user-friendly telecommunication and Internet technologies to all members of the Northern Arizona University community wherever they may be.
  • Acquisition and provision of new, cost-effective information technologies to the university community to keep Northern Arizona University as current and competitive as possible.
  • Provide a highly reliable infrastructure and set of computer-based administrative, teaching, learning and research tools to meet the ever-growing needs of the Northern Arizona University staff and faculty.
  • Provide both general and specialized technical support for those using information technologies in the Northern Arizona University community.
  • Optimize the use of existing and planned investments in systems and technology.
  • Reasonably protect information resources and systems from illegal access and use.