Clubs and organizations



American Indian Science and Engineer Society (AISES)

The mission of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is to substantially increase the representation of American Indian and Alaskan Natives in engineering, science, and other related technology disciplines.

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Black Student Union (BSU)

We the Black Student Union of Northern Arizona University being an established organization associated ourselves for the purpose of motivating students to stay actively involved on campus, coordinating activities to strengthen cultural awareness, and provide a professionally organized body of students on campus that deal with social cultural and educational issues. Understanding our establishment to be a response to the needs of black students apart of the Northern Arizona Community, do continue the beliefs and culture of our organization’s founders, as the Black Student Union. The Black Student Union shall exist to encourage the participation of all people in the promotion of black cultural, intellectual, social, and economic interest at Northern Arizona University and in the surrounding community, thus ensuring the success of the Black Student Union.

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Connecting Higher Education Indigenously (CHEI)

Student organization of the Applied Indigenous Studies Department.  To promote indigenous knowledge, provide student support, engage in our communities, and work on the retention and recruitment of indigenous students into higher education.

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Daleth He Aleph Cultural Sorority

Dedicated to the positive development of women of color as a method of providing academic support, cultural education, and successful transitioning on college campuses. Create a sense of culture, champion social justice within the community, seek philanthropic efforts within the community, provide academic support and promote scholarship of students.

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Delta Chi Lambda (DChiL)

Delta Chi Lambda is an Asian Interest Sorority that was established at The University of Arizona on October 12, 2000. It welcomes all women pursuing an education and feel they would like to contribute to DChiL. It takes pride in honesty, loyalty, and friendship while supporting each other. Delta Chi Lambda Gamma Colony was created in Spring of 2012. 11 girls successfully crossed on December 4, 2011. Delta Chi Lambda Gamma Colony is the first Asian-American Interest sorority that chartered at NAU. By bringing another multicultural sorority to the Greek community we hope to strengthen and expand the diversity on campus and continue to teach each other. We'd like to create awareness of the Asian American culture not only for Asian American students, but students of many backgrounds.

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Gamma Alpha Omega (GAO)

A Latina-founded, multicultural organization that exists to:

  • Increase the number of women with a college education and advanced degrees.
  • Provide mentors for youth, women and under-represented communities.
  • Enhance the individual leader in each member.
  • Provide a family of lifelong support for sisters who live their lives by the pillars of Honesty, Integrity, Leadership, Scholarship and Unity.

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Gamma Rho Lambda (GRL)

Gamma Rho Lambda is an all-inclusive woman’s social sorority exemplifying the qualities of tolerance, diversity, unity, and trust, which provides a network of assistance in the areas of scholastic guidance, emotional support, and community service while ultimately developing the lifelong bonds of sisterhood.

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Gold 'N Brown Jacks

To build camaraderie and strengthen a supportive peer and profession network amongst Black males within the campus community.

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HAPA Hawaiian Club (HAPA)

The purpose of the NAU HAPA Hawaiian Club is to help the students of Hawaii, as well as non-Hawaii students’ transition into college and feel a sense of “ohana.” The NAU HAPA Hawaiian Club supports the club members both socially and academically. Club activities give students the opportunity to bond with one another, participate in service activities for the community, and get involved with events around school to build a sense of engagement and belonging on campus. By giving students these opportunities, our club members are able to spread the Aloha Spirit and the Hawaiian culture not only around Northern Arizona University, but as well as around the Flagstaff Community

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Hispanic Honors and Service Society (HHSS)

To function as an honorary service society to the community and to promote the Latino culture on the NAU campus and Flagstaff community.

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Kappa Delta Chi (KDChi)

Through numerous service events, sisterhood retreats, and academic and cultural workshops, KDChis learn more about themselves, each other and their surrounding Universities and communities. They blossom into committed leaders, are able to network with our remarkable alumnae, and continue to serve as civic leaders well past their graduation. KDChi is a non-traditional sorority full of diverse members and eager women ready to make a difference in our communities. With sisters, anything is possible.

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M.E.Ch.A de NAU (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicana/o de Aztlán)

A group of individuals dedicated to the promotion of Chican@ philosophy. It is not specific to one nationality, gender, or orientation, but solely for any person striving for the empowerment and liberation of Chican@s in higher education. To provide educational, cultural, social, and political consciousness for Chican@ issues.

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Native Americans United (NAUnited)

A group that strives to enhance the educational experience of Native American students and provide cultural awareness. To help plan and make possible Native American Events and continue traditions and extend culture to others

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Omega Delta Phi (ODPhi)

Scholarship, Leadership, Service Opportunities, and Social Interaction

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Out in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (oSTEM)

A national society dedicated to educating and fostering leadership for LGBTQA communities in the STEM fields.  As an organization dedicated to community, our work starts with our mission.  It serves as a touchstone and reminds us of our common goals: 
  • To educate, empower and engage a diverse community,
  • To identify, address advocate for the needs of LGBTQA students in the STEM fields,
  • And we fulfill these needs through mentorship connections, networking opportunities, strategic collaborations, and professional/leadership development.
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People Respecting Individuals & Sexual Minorities (PRISM)

We are Northern Arizona University's largest student-led LGBTQA organization.  We support LGBTQA students to help form a sense of community and friendship.  Our meeting topics range from queer history/herstory and current events to trans* controversies.  We put on a drag show every semester featuring students from Northern Arizona University and Coconino Community College.

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Queer and Ally Research Team (Q&A)

Q&A is an intentionally political, queer community that works to cultivate critical consciousness and analyze systems of power in order to create a more inclusive environment for all people.  The purpose of Q&A is to provide a safe space and supportive community for queer and ally students where they can work together to raise awareness and organize action around intersectional issues in the queer community.

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The Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

SWE empowers women and men to succeed and advance in those aspirations and be recognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders. The purpose of the Society of Women Engineers is to be a support group for engineering students here at NAU. The Society of Women Engineers mission is to stimulate women to achieve full potential in careers as engineers and leaders, expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and demonstrate the value of diversity.

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Society of Hispanic Engineers

SHPE changes lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize their fullest potential and impacts the world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development.

SHPE's vision is a world where Hispanics are highly valued and influential as the leading innovators, scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. As a new club to the Northern Arizona University campus, we have come together to re-kindle the excellence in education, the pursuit of professionalism and attainment of leadership, to the diverse community in Flagstaff, Arizona.

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