State of Arizona Minimum Wage

Calendar Year 2016

  • Minimum wage for Calendar Year 2016 is $8.05 per hour for all employees and is the student employee minimum wage rate also.


Employee responsibility

  • Time sheets must be completed by all not-exempt employees which include:
  • All hourly employees - hourly tempsstudents and federal work study
  • hourly employees must also enter their time in the online time application in LOUIE.
  • All salaried students and part-time temporary employees.
  • All non-exempt benefit eligible employees: 

Timekeeper responsibility

  • Request Timekeeper security through ePASS (Electronic PeopleSoft Administrative Security System).
  • Review and/or approve hours in the online time application according to the payroll schedule.
  • Review and/or approve back pay entered through the online time application according to the payroll schedule.
  • Hourly employees may have additional jobs on campus that could result in overtime pay.  Use position query in LOUIE to view any additional jobs.
  • Collect and retain  paper time sheets for 3 years.
    • Time sheets are an official record and are subject to audit by the Department of Labor, an internal audit, and Human Resources.
  • For late hourly approvals submit the employees time sheet with a time sheet transmittal form to your HR/Payroll representative

Leave Reporting 

Employee responsibility

  • Benefit Eligible only employees complete a Request of Absence (ROA) form to supervisor for approval for the following
    • Vacation, Sick, Comp Time Taken, Jury Duty, Bereavement, FML Leave, Leave without pay.
  • Submit approved ROA and signed time sheet to leave reporter for LOUIE entry.

Leave Reporter responsibility

  • Request Leave Reporter security through ePASS (Electronic PeopleSoft Administrative Security System).
  • Review and enter ROA's into the Leave reporting application in LOUIE according to the payroll schedule
  • Time sheets, ROAs, and any related forms should be kept for three years in department files and must be signed by both the employee and supervisor.
  • Record all other additional hours into the leave reporting application according to the payroll schedule
    • i.e. Overtime, Comp earned, Standby, Call back
  • Submit Accrual Adjustment forms to the HR office for any prior pay period adjustments

Off-Cycle/Online check request

In the event an employee needs an off-cycle/online check please follow these steps:

  • Submit appropriate documentation to your HR representative.
    • Clearly indicate the reason/need for the request.
  • Complete an Off Cycle Check request form submitted with documentation.
  • Allow at least 24 hours for an Off Cycle Check to be processed