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The Human Resources Advertising Department conducts employment advertising for classified staff, service professional, faculty positions, and part-time positions. Advertising is available in various newspaper publications, magazines, and web sites.

Advertising representatives

Advertising representatives are available to work with department budgets to publish job openings in selected publications. The representative serves as the contact for both the department and the publication(s) chosen.

Advertising process

Once a requisition is received with the proper signatures and is approved by Human Resources, the job vacancy announcement will be placed on the Careers website.

To make changes to the job vacancy announcement, contact your Human Resources analyst directly

Place an ad

To place an ad, follow these guidelines:

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  • Once you have decided when to advertise and in which publication you would like to advertise, complete, and submit a request for advertisement through the online advertising request form. 
  • Once the form is submitted, a Request ID number will appear on the screen. Write down this ID number for future access to information regarding the advertising request.
  • After you submit the form, an advertising representative will contact you to verify the department’s advertising needs.
  • The advertising representatives will send a proof to you (or your designee). It is important that you review the ad, make the changes, and respond to the advertising representatives by the deadline listed in the e-mail or your ad will not be advertised.  The advertising representatives will make any changes that you request and then send the ad to the desired publication.
  • The deadlines are given so that your ad can be placed in the publications that you have requested and be able to meet the publication's deadlines. If you do not respond by the deadline, we will not be able to place your ad for you. If you know in advance that you will be in meetings and/or gone during these critical deadline times, it is imperative that you designate someone to assist the advertising representatives. This helps ensure that your ad will be advertised correctly. If you decide to cancel the advertising of your position, the advertising representatives need to be notified by 11 a.m. the Wednesday before the Sunday the ad is scheduled to run.
  • The desired publication then processes the ad and sends the advertising representatives a proof and a price quote. The advertising representatives will e-mail the price quote to you asking for final approval. Respond by the deadline listed, because your department is responsible for the cost of running the ad.
  • Before the ad is sent, we will make you aware of this price range, along with the copy of the ad. Once approval for the ad copy is given to the advertising representatives, then approval is also being given for the price. If, for any reason, the cost is over $150, we will let you know with enough time to cancel your ad. The exception to this is The Arizona Daily Sun, which generally stays within a range of $100-150.
  • The advertising bill is sent to the Human Resources Department, where an IET is processed on Advantage for the department's share of the bill using object code 7393 10.
  • The department can view the billing information or status of an ad by going to the View Status of Advertisement and typing in the Request ID number that was provided when the request was first submitted (this number is also provided on the IET).

Deadlines and rates

The deadline for the The Arizona Daily Sun, Arizona Republic, and Arizona Daily Star is Tuesday at 10 a.m. for the ad to run on Sunday. The advertising representatives must have an ad request and requisition by this time.

All publication deadlines and rates are subject to change without prior notice. All rates are an approximation. In the event of holidays, deadlines are frequently pushed up to one week in advance. 

All ad requests must be submitted through the ad request system before Tuesdays at noon in order to allow the interns time to process the request, write the ad, and e-mail it to the department for approval. Ads received after Tuesdays at noon are not guaranteed publication in the current week’s newspaper.

Human Resources will automatically place an ad for all service professional positions in InsideHigherEd for 60 days for free.  Please explore other publications and areas where you would like to advertise.