Sick Leave

Sick leave benefits provide paid time off during periods of personal illness, to obtain medical services, or in order to care for an immediate family member.

covered family members
  • child
  • spouse
  • parent or parent-in-law
  • brother or sister
  • grandparent 
  • grandchild
  • person who is a permanent member of the employee's established household
  • Eligibility

    Regular employees are eligible to accrue and use paid sick time.

    Earning sick time

    Paid sick time is accrued at the rate of one day for each month of service (3.68 hrs per pay period for an employee working 40 hours per week).
    You will accrue sick time on regular pay, holiday pay, paid compensatory time, approved vacation, and sick pay. You do not accrue sick time when you are an unpaid leave of absence or in a unpaid status. 

    Using sick time

    • Sick time should be requested and approved in advance whenever possible.
    • Complete Request of Absence (ROA) and submit it to your supervisor.
    • For sudden illnesses which result in absence you must submit an ROA within three working days after an employee's return from illness.

    Prolonged illness

    For absences in excess of three days because of illness, injury, or other disability, or should there be reason to believe that sick time is being abused, the employee may be required to provide the university with a written statement from a physician certifying that the employee was unable to work during the period of absence. 

    Important: The department must notify the Human Resources Department after three days of sick time off due to possible Family Medical Leave of Absence qualification.

    Sick time carry forward

    Accrued sick time carries forward without any limitation of total accumulation. 

    Monitor your sick leave balance

    You can view your sick leave balance through self service - LOUIE.

    • Log into LOUIE at and select: 
    • Select 'Self Service' 
    • Select 'Payroll and Compensation' 
    • Select 'View Leave Balances' 

    Sick leave at termination or retirement

    Accrued sick time is not paid out upon termination, but you may be eligible to be paid out for some accumulated sick time under the  Retiree Accumulated Sick Leave Program