Writing Performance Appraisals

Tuesday, September 30, 2014 is the final date for supervisor appraisals of classified staff and service professionals to be completed, provided to the employee and turned in to Human Resources.

The following resources can be helpful as employees work to complete appraisals:

The Performance Management web page includes:

  • self-appraisal writing tips
  • supervisor's guide to unique situations such as transferred employees, employees who just had a probationary appraisal, etc.
  • sample forms and templates

Visit our Training  page to register for training sessions:

  • Writing and Delivering the Final Appraisal offers supervisors some guidance on writing the final appraisal for the 2013-2014 year and meeting with the employee about it.

For specific questions, employees and supervisors may contact the HR Employee Relations team.

In late August, deans, directors and department heads will be receiving the first of several appraisal status updates for their areas.