The Health Nuts

Have you ever heard that everyone at NAU smokes pot? Or, everyone drinks in college?  Maybe even, no one uses condoms anymore? 

These are all perceptions.  They are thoughts and ideas, often incorrect, based on what people have heard or seen from peers. 


The Health Nuts are here to tell you the truth about NAU students.  We have gathered the numbers and statistics to give you the real answers to these questions.  Each year the students are sent a survey about their health and wellness.  Their answers are kept anonymous, so they are asked to answer truthfully.

Here is what NAU said:

  • 81% have not smoked pot in the last month (AZIHE survey spring 2014, n=1373)
  • 67% did not have more than 3 drinks the last time they drank (AZIHE survey spring 2014, n= 1373)
  • 90% do not use hookah (ACHA survey spring 2013, n=800)
  • 93% prefer to date someone who does not use any tobacco products (NAU Health and Wellness survey spring 2014, n=1938)
  • 97% prefer to hang out with someone who doesn't drink or who drinks moderatly  and stays in control (NAU Health and Wellness survey spring 2012, n=1084)
  • 81% always or usually use a sober designated driver when they drink (AZIHE spring survey 2014, n=1373)
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