Learn about alcohol

If you are under 21, we encourage you to obey the law and not drink. If you are over 21 and choose to drink, we encourage you to take some steps to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Read Northern Arizona University’s policy regarding student alcohol and drug use.

Do you drink too much?

Cut down on your drinking and improve your life and health. You might have a drinking problem if:

  • you drink alone when you feel angry or sad
  • your drinking makes you late for work
  • your family is worried about your drinking
  • you drink after telling yourself you won’t
  • you forget what you did while you were drinking
  • you get headaches or hangovers after you have been drinking

Talk with your doctor; he or she can tell you if you should cut down or abstain. If you are alcoholic or have other medical problems, you should not just cut down on your drinking--you should stop drinking completely. Your doctor will advise you about what is right for you.