Assistive technology overview

Cline Library has purchased new assistive technology that gives blind or visually impaired students better access to library materials. The new technology includes:

  • Top-Braille
  • SmartView Versa+
  • Tiger Embosser


A Top-Braille device translates regular printed text into Braille

The Top-Braille, located for checkout at the main desk of the Cline Library, is a revolutionary reading personal assistant. Top-Braille is ideally designed to allow people who are blind instantaneous access to read all printed texts.

As the user moves Top-Braille along printed text, the printed material is translated into Braille. The translation of each printed character is controlled by the speed with which the user moves Top-Braille. Navigation software indicates the direction to the user and allows the user to follow the text line by line. Top-Braille is ergonomically designed to provide comfort and ease of use.

Key functions include:

  • Recognition of all printed text with Braille and speech output
  • Recognition of all printed text with Braille output only
  • Color recognition
A Top-Braille device sits on a pile of papers with printed text on them.

SmartView Versa+

A Smartview Versa magnifies the titles of books on a shelf.

The SmartView Versa+, located for checkout at the main desk of the Cline Library, is a handheld electronic magnifier that is fully and easily adaptable to meet the specific requirements of the user.

SmartView Versa+ magnifiers combine portability, ease of use, and powerful magnification to make it possible to read text and view objects at a size that works for you.

The contrast mode and magnification can be configured to best match the vision of the user.

Key features include:

  • Autofocus: have a clear view up to four inches away from objects
  • Magnification: see up to 15 times larger than regular print
  • Picture freeze: freeze pictures on the screen and save for later reference
  • Large screen: view more with a 4.3-inch widescreen LCD
  • High-contrast viewing modes: see text in the following contrasts:
    • White on Black
    • Black on White
    • Yellow on Black
    • Yellow on Blue
    • Full Color

A Smartview Versa magnifies the pages inside a book for the reader.

Tiger Embosser

A red Tiger Embosser on a counter

The Tiger Embosser is a Braille tactile graphics embosser that can emboss text and graphics directly from Windows applications using its own driver software. It will print Braille at a resolution of 20 dots per inch, single-sided or inter-point.

The Tiger interprets color and shades of gray in visual images with embossed dots of varying heights. Braille graphics can be produced in 3-D with great variation in textures, shapes, and thickness of line for maps, scientific graphing, and illustrations.

The Tiger Embosser specializes in making raised dot patterns to represent visual images, allowing you to "feel" what a picture looks like.

Key features include:

  • Printing Braille and ink on the same page
  • Automatically formatting Word and Excel documents to Braille
  • Creating raised visual images on paper from anything on the computer screen
  • Tiger Designer, a tactile graphics design software for Windows
  • Tiger Technology, the new standard in embossed tactile graphics

For more information, visit The Studios at the Cline Library or call 928-523-6820 or the Main Desk at 928-523-2173