Alternative testing

Information for Faculty

Disability Resources administers academic tests, quizzes, and exams that require the accommodation of extended time, distraction reduced environment, adaptive equipment, readers, scribes and/or alternative test format, etc.  Faculty may choose to provide alternative testing accommodations within their department or utilize Disability Resources testing facility. The students' accommodation must be provided regardless of which area is used. Faculty should consult with the Testing Coordinator at Disability Resources by calling 928-523-8773, regarding appropriate accommodations and test administration procedures.  A faculty member may consult with the Testing Coordinator at Disability Resources regarding test restructuring; however, any changes in content are the sole responsibility of the faculty member.

Testing Guidelines:

Disability Resources follows the guidelines listed below to protect the integrity and security of each test, quiz, and exam.

  1. All Disability Resources administered tests, quizzes, and exams are proctored.
  2. The Disability Resources Testing Coordinator calculates testing time for the student according to the full class period unless otherwise designated by the instructor.
  3. Disability Resources staff and student workers will not administer or proctor tests, quizzes, or exams for classes in which they are currently enrolled.
  4. In general, students with disabilities take tests, quizzes, and exams at the same time as the rest of the class unless there are time conflicts, in which case an alternate testing time is assigned with the instructor’s approval.
  5. Disability Resources staff or student workers assisting with testing procedures only read and/or transcribe materials. They do not interpret, modify, or clarify the questions or responses.
  6. Students caught cheating or found cheating during his or her use of Disability Resources testing accommodations will have his or her test and testing materials confiscated immediately. The appropriate instructor will be contacted and informed of the situation. Cell phone use is prohibited within the Disability Resources testing area.
  7. In-class interpreting services are provided to ensure that the student has access to the instructor’s instructions, comments, class discussions, etc. The student’s questions and comments are interpreted. Interpreters only interpret between parties and do not attempt to “interpret” the question for the student. Written test questions are not interpreted into sign language. The student must direct all questions to the test administrator in the classroom and the interpreter interprets between the student and the test administrator.  Tests, quizzes and exams administered at Disability Resources do not include interpreter services.


Faculty, or Instructor Responsibilities:

  1. You may watch the tutorial video which explains how to schedule a test for a student in your class who receives testing accommodations
  2. Deliver test, quiz, or exam to Disability Resources via one of the following options:
    • a. One business day before the day of the test, quiz, or exam upload the exam to Axess website:
    • b. Two business days before the day of the test, quiz, or exam, deliver a hardcopy to Disability Resources
    • c. Three business days before the day of the test, quiz, or exam, leave a copy of the exam in your department office for pick up by the Disability Resources testing staff by 3pm.

Faculty test administration procedures:

  1. Contact the Disability Resources Testing Coordinator to discuss appropriate provision of alternative testing accommodation.
  2. Implement the accommodation.
  3. If the test, quiz, or exam requires alternative print format (e.g., Braille, large print, audio tape), please contact Disability Resources, 928-523-8773, to request an Alternative Format Request Form (or click on the link). The form must be completed and returned to Disability Resources seven working days before the scheduled test, quiz, or exam.

Disability Resources Responsibilities:

  1. One day prior to administration, Disability Resources will send an automated e-mail to the faculty/instructor as a reminder that his or her test, quiz, or exam will be administered by Disability Resources.
  2. Ensure that all tests, quizzes, and exams are secured while at Disability Resources and properly administered by Disability Resources staff.
  3. Ensure that all tests, quizzes, and exams completed at Disability Resources are delivered to the designated academic department office or faculty/instructor.

Information for Students

Qualified Student Responsibilities:

  1. Pre-register or register for classes.
  2. Meet with a Disability Resources coordinator to:
    • Activate your accommodations with Disability Resources for the semester
    • Request testing accommodation
  3. Provide each instructor with a Professor Letter from Disability Resources for the appropriate semester.
  4. Complete the testing procedures as provided on the Axess website for scheduling tests.  Students may view the tutorial provided below or consult with a Disability Resources staff member for further assistance on scheduling an exam.  This process must be completed at least three business days before the scheduled test, quiz or exam.  If you are attempting to schedule a final exam, the process must be completed by the Tuesday of Reading Week.

Link to the

  1. Report to Disability Resources front desk at scheduled time and check in for the test, quiz, or exam. You must bring picture identification.
  2. Monitor your testing time and complete the test, quiz, or exam on time.