NAU Fund True Blue Call Crew

The NAU True Blue Call Crew is responsible for contacting thousands of alumni, parents, students, and friends of Northern Arizona University to raise money for the university. All the money raised goes directly to improving programs, services, and scholarships.

We are excited to begin our eighteenth year of organized telephone fundraising. We have 56 students on staff, have 24 calling stations and call 6 days a week. 

A little Background on our Phonathon Program:

1994 - Start with 12 calling stations, hand-held phones, and paper call sheets.
2001 - Program was automated through the purchase of a calling system.
2006 - Higher volume of prospects so expanded to 16 calling stations.
2012 - Program moved to a new building. Expands to 24 calling stations.

Last year, the True Blue Call Crew raised $285,277 in gifts and pledges from generous supporters who believe in Northern Arizona University's mission and direction.

Alumni donated: $146,908
Parents donated: $97,706
Students donated: $16,658
Friends donated: $24,005

Help us keep the momentum going.

Information about the Job and Application Instructions

For information about the student caller job and how to apply, click here.


See a list of our local business sponsors.

Contact Info

We are located in University Marketing and Operations building (formerly known as the Extended Campuses building), Room 201.  This is building 16A on the campus map.
If you have any questions, contact: 
Kelley Vance, Coordinator     928-523-0690 or
Abraham Kelley, Manager     928-523-4496 or