Letters of recommendation

Letters of recommendation and/or evaluations are supplementary materials that are required when applying to graduate level programs. The number of letters depends on the program; however we recommend students try to get 3-5 letters.

Make Connections

Letters of recommendation can be written by various authors such as college faculty, professionals in the field, and supervisors.  It is a good idea for students to take initiative to develop relationships during class and in their extracurricular activities throughout their undergraduate studies and identify who to ask as early as possible in the application process. We recommend that you ask for a letter from an author who can attest that you are a good candidate for law school.

Provide Pertinent Information

Students should include a resume, personal statement, and any other pertinent information to help the author be specific and detailed. We highly recommend that you send thank you letters to your authors.

Communicate Timeframe

It is important to give authors ample time to write a letter of recommendation. Faculty may have less time or limited availability during busy times of the school year, and may be off campus during the summer. Authors will need specific information about where to send or input their letters/evaluations, and recommendations should be on letterhead and signed.