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Ten Ways to Engage your Students on the First Day of Class
Based on a Magna Online Seminar of the same title presented by Mary C. Clement, Ed.D.
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Online seminars

Designing and Teaching a Course with a Critical Thinking Focus

Critical thinking is a skill that students in all disciplines must master.  This seminar leads educators through the process of developing and teaching a discipline-based course that targets critical thinking skills and shows participants how to effectively encourage students to think for themselves.  Presented by Linda B. Nilson, Ph.D.

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Monday Morning Teaching Resource Program:

20 minute video seminars on different topics each week – one week access only.

Topics include blended learning, capstone courses, experiential learning, constructing exams, and online communication. 

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We have also purchased permanent access to several of these brief yet intensive twenty-minute online seminars to give you strategies to solve common teaching problems.
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 How Can I Enhance Students' Self-Regulated Learning Skills?

Learn about the three stages of self-regulated learning - planning, monitoring, and evaluating - and explore an array of activities proven to be effective at enhancing students' self-awareness of their learning.

Is Your Syllabus Sending the Wrong Message?

Learn tips designed to help you use classroom policies to support student engagement and a smooth-running classroom.

How Do I Convert a Face to Face Course to a Hybrid Course?

This program covers the process of online course conversion, from initial course review to working with technology.

How Can Objects And Analogies Improve My Teaching?

Learn how to use objects and pictures to get your students thinking more deeply and creatively about your course.

How Do I Assign Students to Groups?

Explore benefits and approaches of group work for learning course material.

How Do I Get More Students to Participate in Class?

Learn eighteen different ways to encourage more classroom participation with your students.

How Do I Get Students to Read Their Assignments Before Class?

Discover constructive, specific ways to motivate your students to come to class prepared.

How Should I Respond to Wrong (or Not Very Good) Answers?

Find out how to reply effectively to incorrect or poor answers from students.

How Flexible Should I Be With Non-Traditional Students?

Get helpful insights, techniques, and strategies to help students succeed.

What Can I Do About Feeling Tired, Stressed and Burned Out?

Recognize the signs of burnout and excessive stress and how to deal with them.

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The above online seminars are developed by Magna Publications, publisher of the newsletter The Teaching Professor. Contact us for newsletter access information.

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