Counseling services

Personal counseling services

  • Call or come by Counseling Services to schedule an appointment.
  • Brief crisis counseling is available for issues requiring immediate attention.
  • A crisis counselor is available after-hours and weekends for psychological emergencies. Call 928-523-2261.
  • Call 928-523-2261 during business hours for inquires and to schedule appointments.

Seeking Trans Care? 

Schedule an Initial Assessment appointment that will allow any Counseling Services (CS) staff member to assist you in exploring the full range of issues you might be experiencing.

If you are seeking counseling for issues separate from gender-identity-related medical intervention, you can see any staff member for ongoing counseling.

If you are considering hormone replacement therapy or surgery and in search of mental health advocacy, you will need to see one of the CS Trans Care counselors. Please make this request clear to your initial assessment therapist, who will facilitate the transfer of care. You will work with the Trans Care counselor at CS to determine appropriate services.

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