Campus Services

Northern Arizona University is required by law to maximize use of all assets and, when it has no further use for them, maximize returns on their sale. NAU is not allowed to give or throw away university property. The Surplus Property Department is the only NAU department authorized to dispose of NAU property. The primary role of the Surplus Property department is to ensure that the excess property generated by NAU will be handled in a method that both maximizes the return to the University and meets the disposal requirements of the state and federal governments. Please read the pick-up and drop-off instructions below.

1. Pick-ups and Drop-offs: We will pick up and receive excess (no longer needed) property and equipment. If you have property you no longer need:

  • Gather items into one area.
  • Check with other members of your department and make sure no items are still wanted.
  • All computers and equipment with sensitive data must be wiped properly by the department before sending to Property Surplus. All desk and file must be cleaned out entirely.
  • Fill out a PCA form.
  • Call Property Surplus at 523-4163 or e-mail to  during normal business hours to schedule a pick-up or drop-off time. Our Public Sale hours are 12:00pm-4:00pm.; pick-up and drop-off times can only be scheduled before our public sale hours (8:00am-11:00am.)
  • Arrangements must be made with the University's Moving Crew if pick-ups are larger than Property Surplus staff can handle. An appointment must still be made with Surplus Property before the moving crew is scheduled to pick up the excess property.
  • 2. Disposal Fees: Property Surplus makes every attempt to sell or recycle all surplus materials. Occasionally, some items need to be disposed in a manner that requires a disposal fee by an outside vendor. Any disposal fee incurred will be charged to the disposing department. Types of surplus material that may incur a disposal fee include, but not limited to, refrigerators, CRT monitors and televisions.

    3. Department Purchases: Property Surplus provides a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new products. Stop by our warehouse (Building 77) to see our current inventory in stock during our public hours M-F, 12:00pm to 4:00pm. Special arrangement can be made for viewing outside of the public hours.

    4. Credits to Departments:  Credits to departments occur when a single item is sold for more than $2,000 (before tax). Property Surplus retains the first $2,000.00 of any items sold, plus an applicable percentage on the remaining balance. 

    If a department would like an item returned that has already been picked up and delivered to Property Surplus there will be a return charge. 

    Items that cannot be taken by Property Surplus:

    • Telephones (must be returned to Telecomm).
    • Mattresses and bedding.
    • Weapons and ammunition.
    • Any hazardous/flammable materials and equipment without an ORC Equipment Release Form.
    • Food, drugs and alcohol.

    Please contact Property Surplus for correct disposal procedures of the above items.

    Broken equipment, broken furniture and scrap metal should be sent to Property Surplus for proper disposal. Department may be charged for recycle fees if applicable.

    Property Surplus can send used toners, light bulbs and batteries to the proper disposal sites on campus.