exploring majors

After you have evaluated your personality, values, skills, interests, life experiences and needs, it will hopefully be easier to find a major to match both your college and career interests. You can read descriptions of each NAU major and the program courses in the NAU degree search.

Selecting a major appropriate for you requires research, time, and a willingness to explore more than one option.  In addition, keep in mind that in many cases, there is more than one avenue or course of study you may pursue in order to achieve your end result—your future career!  Many times, the process of major and career exploration will involve experimenting with various plans and adjusting your future map accordingly. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore a few options. Choose a major that reflects your interests, goals, and desires. 

Visit What Can I Do With This Major? to learn more about how majors connect to careers.

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 “Finding your passion is the key to your success.” ~Tracy Kauffman