About Us

Our Mission

Campus Services and Activities, a department of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (EMSA), is dedicated to recruit and retain undergraduate students through to graduation. Within the university and the communities we serve, we partner to provide student-centered programs and services to promote student success.

Our Values

Service to Students

Provide exemplary service to students and all those who partner with students in support of their success.


Operate with fairness, honesty, and the highest ethical standards to sustain a community of trust.

Valuing Human Difference

Create a diverse and inclusive university community where all people feel respected and valued.


Create and sustain an environment where students intentionally connect to the community through participation and involvement in diverse learning experiences.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Follow ethical practices in the care of future generations through sustainable living and environmental and societal responsibility.


Perform in a manner that surpasses ordinary standards and adheres to or exceeds service and educational best practices.

Our Goals

  1. Increase undergraduate enrollment and improve retention on the Flagstaff campus.
  2. Provide services, activities, facilities, and the physical environment that contributes to a vibrant and engaging residential campus.
  3. Implement innovative, effective, sustainable, and accountable practices including effective use of technology.
  4. Secure new funding sources and reallocate resources to enhance the student experience.
  5. Create an environment of respect, civility, access, and inclusion that engages the campus community and values diversity.

Our Achievements

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