Resources for career development

Research center

In addition to posting published work from faculty, the College’s Faculty Research Center offers information on:

  • scholarships
  • grants
  • research resources

Assessment and Continuous Improvement (ACI) portal 

Check out the ACI portal here.

Dean’s grant for research

Each year, the College of Education provides a limited amount of support for faculty research activities through the Dean’s Research Grant awards.

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We expect awards to average $1,000, with a range of $200 to $3,000.

Personnel eligibility

Full-time employees with faculty status in the College of Education are eligible.

What can the grant be used for?

The grant can be used to reimburse expenses related to conducting research incurred after December 1 and before July 1, including:

  • software or hardware acquisition
  • postage
  • instrumentation
  • participant stipends

Expenses that are not allowed to be included:

  • dissemination activities (e.g., costs associated with presenting results)
  • dissertation research
  • personnel

Application process

  1. You will submit a letter of application to your department chair, whose approval indicates this is consistent with the Statement of Expectations. Applications will be reviewed beginning in December. If funds remain, additional applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.
  2. The application letter must include the following elements (no more than two pages in total):
    • abstract of the proposed research, including the methodology and research question
    • statement of the relationship of the project to the COE conceptual framework and/or goals
    • specific support request, including:
      • item name(s)
      • relation to study/justification
      • cost
      • timeline for the need
  3. Chairs will forward approved applications to the Dean’s office by December for the review team’s consideration.
  4. A committee of departmental representatives will examine applications and make recommendations to the dean based on the following criteria:
    • research is well-designed and feasible
    • research has clear relation to the conceptual framework/goals of the college
    • specific request for support is consistent with guidelines for eligibility and use provided above
  5. The research expenses must be incurred between December 1 and June 30

Report progress

By the end of the fall semester following the year of a grant, recipients must provide the dean’s office and the Faculty Research Center a report of the outcomes of the funded project (for ongoing projects, a progress report) for dissemination on the college web site. 

Part-time faculty

If you are teaching for us as a part-time instructor, we have a host of resources available to you.  Please visit our part-time faculty resources page. 

Faculty Activity and Accomplishments Reporting system (FAAR) 

COE Goals and Objectives

To learn more about the College of Education 2009-2014 goals and objectives click here.